Outstanding performance spin after spin

Separations are a critical step in your workflow; thus it’s important to consider the centrifuge requirements and technical specifications for your applications, from selecting the appropriate speed (rpm) and g-force to exploring the latest trends in centrifugation. A wide array of Global Scientific centrifuges and their innovative rotors are available for all your processing needs, supporting labware from microplates and microtubes to large-capacity bottles—all designed to deliver outstanding performance spin after spin.

Our compact, safe and easy-to-use microcentrifuges combine performance with versatility and convenience. Discover how our microcentrifuges can accelerate your sample preparation processes and support all your micro-volume protocols. Ideal for the laboratory where space is tight.

General Purpose Centrifuges

Global Scientific general purpose centrifuges feature innovative rotor technologies designed for improved benchtop performance and flexibility, greater sample capacity, and increased speed.

Benchtop Centrifuges

Global Scientific benchtop centrifuges deliver efficient sample processing in clinical protocols, cell culture applications, microplate processing and a variety of separation needs.

Large Capacity Centrifuges

Designed to combine dependable performance and ease‐of‐use with advanced functionality, our large capacity centrifuges provide reproducible separations for high‐throughput applications such as blood banking and bioprocessing.

Superspeed Centrifuges

Superspeed centrifuges combine state of the art technology, high-speed performance, and versatile rotor capacities, allowing you to maximize productivity with impressive acceleration rates.

Centrifuge Rotors

Our centrifuge rotors are designed for maximum application flexibility and quality separations, supporting applications across clinical and blood banking, microbiology, tissue culture, molecular biology and genomics, drug discovery and proteomics.