10µl Rigid Inoculating Loops

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10µl Rigid Inoculating Loops

Economical 10µl Rigid Inoculating Loops, blue colour-coded cell culture tools, made from ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) with a smooth finish. For use in the culture of micro-organisms. The 1µl rigid clear loop has a smooth surface with no burrs or rough edges to ensure easy streaking without damaging the agar surface. Free of lubricants to avoid contamination of media.

Length: 200mm

Supplied in sterile

Different Packaging options

  • 20pcs in a peel bag/ 50x20pcs in a case
  • 20pcs in a zip lock bag/ 50x20pcs in a case

Colour Coded for Easy Product Identification

Each loop type has a unique colour code to facilitate easy recognition of loop size and flexibility.

Ultra Smooth Surface for Perfect Streaking

Global Scientific's loops have no rough plastic edges, flashing or burrs on the loop head. Users experience a smooth surfaces which allow problem free plant and streak of every culture with no gouges to the agar during streaking.

Free of Lubricants, Oils and Electrostatic Charges

Eliminating electrostatic charges, lubricants and oils allows for consistent wetting of the plastic and enables the correct surface tension on the inside walls of the loop.  The correct size droplet is formed and complete transfer of this volume takes place without leaving behind any beads of liquid.

Hexagonal Loop Shaft for Easy Handling

The shaft of each GLOBAL SCIENTIFIC loop has a hexagonal shape. This unique design facilitates maximum grip and easy orientation of the loop head. The hexagonal loop shaft helps the Microbiologist index the first streak then to rotate the loop head to achieve the second, third and fourth dilution streaks.

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