A2 Biological Safety Cabinet(New Product)

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Vendor : Drug Testing kits UK

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LCD Display                              Work Zone

LCD Display                                                                  Work Zone

Large digital display is easy to monitor all                     Work zone, made of 304 stainless steel,

the safety parameters at a glance and                          is surrounded by negative pressure.

ergonomicallysized control panel improves 

user interface.

Front Window                               Footmaster

Front Window                                                                Footmaster Caster

Two-layer laminated toughened glass>5mm,                Universal caster with brake and leveling feet. 

anti UV

Remote Control

Remote Control

All functions can be realized with it,making 

the operation much easeir and more convenient.


1. Motorized Front Window. 

2. Time Reserve Function.

3. HEPA Filter life and UV Life indicator. 

4. Automatic air speed adjustable with filter block.

5. Work area surrounded by negative pressure, it can ensure maximum safety in work area.

6. Audio and visual alarm (Filter replacement, Window over height, abnormal Air flow velocity etc).

7. Most accessories are standard. No need to pay more, save your money.

8. Remote Control. All functions can be realized with it, making the operation much easier and more convenient.

9. Foot Switch. Adjust front window height by foot during experiment, to avoid airflow turbulence caused by arm movement.

10. Interlock Function: UV lamp and front window; UV lamp and blower, fluorescent lamp; Blower and front window.




Internal size(W*D*H)


External size(W*D*H)


Tested Opening

Safety height:200mm(8”)

Working Opening


Inflow Velocity

0.53 ±0.025 m/s

Down Flow Velocity

0.33 ±0.025 m/s

HEPA Filter

Two ,99.999% efficiency at 0.3 μm.Filter life indicator.

Front Window

Moterized.5mm toughened glass.Anti UV.

Two Sides Window

5mm toughened glass


EN12469≤58dB/NSF49≤ 61 dB

UV lamp

30 W*1

UV timer,UV life indicator, Emission of 253.7nanometers for most efficient decontamination

Fluorescent Lamp

21 W*2


≥1000 lux


760 W

Waterproof Socket

Two ; total load of two sokets : 500W


LCD Display:exhaust filter and downflow filter pressure,filter and UV lamp working time,

inflow and downflow velocity,

filter life,humidity and temperature,system working time etc.

Control Sys tem


Airflow System:

70% air recirculation, 30% air exhaust

Visual and audio alarm

Filter replacement,window over height ,abnormal airflow velocity


Work table:Stainless steel;

Two sides:Toughened glass;

Body:Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating

Work surface height 

750 mm


Universal caster with brake and leveling feet

Power Supply

AC220V± 10%,50/60HZ;110V±10%,60HZ

Standard Configuration

Fluorescent lamp,UV lamp *2,Base stand,Remote control ,Foot switch ,Drain valve, 

Water proof sokets*2

Optional accessory

Water and gas tap

Gross weight

200 kg

Package Size(W*D*H)


Standard Accessory:

Fluorescent lamp                   1pc

Base stand                            1pc

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