Absorbing sheet 90 x 127 mm 50ml

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Sku : GS460180

Absorbing Pad - Absorbing sheet 90 x 127 mm 50ml

CASE 1000pcs 

The absorbing materials are part of the packaging instruction P650. In emergencies the material will absorb all the liquid that has to stay inside the packaging. The absorbing sheets are on one side provided with a fluid-tight base. That ensures that the outside will stay clean and dry. Absorbing ability of:

- Small sheets 50ml in preparation for 95Kpa bags or biohazard bags 

These super absorbent sheets can be used with all types of packaging to help meet UN3373 regulations.

UN3373 Standard – Key Requirements
The P650 packaging instructions for liquid substances state:-
a. The primary receptacle(s) shall be leak proof;
b. The secondary packaging shall be leak proof;
c. The primary receptacle or the secondary packaging shall be capable of withstanding, without leakage, an internal pressure of 95 kPa (0.95 bar);
d. If multiple fragile primary receptacles are placed in a single secondary packaging, they shall be either individually wrapped or separated to prevent contact between them;
e. Absorbent material shall be placed between the primary receptacles(s) and the secondary packaging. The absorbent material shall be in quantity sufficient to absorb the entire contents of the primary receptacle(s) so that any release of the liquid substance will not compromise the integrity of the cushioning material or of the outer packaging;
f. Either the secondary or outer packaging must be rigid.
The packaging must be of good quality and strong enough to withstand the shocks and loadings normally encountered during transport. It must prevent any loss of contents that could occur due to vibration or changes in temperature, humidity or pressure.

Available in a range of sizes specified by the volume that they can absorb, simply choose the one that will absorb at least the total volume of your sample. Absorbency is measured using a blood substitute and greater volumes will be absorbed with other fluids.

More than one sheet can be added to any packaging if required, to ensure that it would absorb all the sample in the event of catastrophic leakage. The absorbent sheets are lint free, and even when completely saturated will stay in one piece, making them easier to remove.


Order number: GS460180
Colour: White
External length: 127 mm
External width: 90 mm
Absorbent ability: 50 ml
Transparency: Non transparent
P620: Yes
P650: Yes
UN3373: Yes
Air Transport: Yes
Letterpost: Yes
Road Transport: Yes