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Autoclave Tape

Autoclave tape is an adhesive tape used in autoclaving (heating under high pressure with steam to sterilise) to indicate whether a specific temperature has been reached. Autoclave tape works by changing color after exposure to temperatures commonly used in sterilization processes, typically 121°C in a steam autoclave but can withstand upto 134°C in some autoclaves.

Autoclave tape is used as a process indicator in steam sterilizers, and it is very well suited for the clinical and research environments.

Autoclave tape features an aggressive, pressure-sensitive adhesive designed to adhere to a variety of wraps so that the pack stays secure during sterilization and can be used on direct contact with substrates. Autoclave tape is designed for use with flexible sterile barrier systems such as wrap and plain closure bags, although it will also adhere strongly to other surfaces such as linen.

Tape also features a chemical indicator to verify that it has gone through the sterilization process. Black diagonal lines appear on the tape after 10 minutes at 121°C or 2 minutes at 134°C in a steam sterilizer.

  • Printed onto a robust crepe paper-base which is coated with high tack adhesive
  • Available in three standard widths of 12mm, 19mm and 25mm in 50M lengths
  • Lead free
  • Latex free option available
  • Available on standard 76mm cores to allow use on tape dispenser systems
  • Indicator ink on the tape conforms with ISO.11140-1 for use as a Class 1 chemical indicator shows up with a black stripe once sterilisation has occured.
  • Manufactured under BS EN ISO.9001.2008 and BS EN ISO 13485:2003
  • Conforms to BS7893:1997 (specification for pressure sensitive adhesive coating and sealing tapes for use with sterilisation packaging materials
  • Easily removed with no sticky residues
  • pressure sensitive adhesive coating adheres under high temperatures and high pressure conditions

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