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Sku : NCD-730210

The Cervex Sampling Brush® is manufactured from polyethene and has a total length of 20cm.

The head, which is used to obtain cell samples, is a soft, flexible brush which consist of 57 semi-circular plastic bristles of various lengths. The shape is such that the top edges of the brush follow the contours of the cervix. The middle and longest bristles reach deep into the endocervical canal. The shorter bristles will touch both the ectocervical area and transformation zone at the same time.

Through rotating the Cervix Sampling Brush five times in the cervical canal, all necessary cells can be collected in one movement, making it a comfortable investigation method for both patients and smear takers. The broom head and rod can be easily separated making it ideal for liquid-based Cytology sampling.

The softness of the material eliminates the possibility of internal injuries and ensures no unsatisfactory smears are taken.

Key Benefits:

• Samples all necessary cells in one movement
• Smears cells evenly on the slide
• Suitable for nearly every cervix shape
• Suitable for both liquid-based and conventional cytology