GIS-500 Gel imaging analysis system

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The GIS-500 Gel Imaging Analysis System is a professional instrument for the observation, photographing and analysis of gel bands after electrophoresis. Built-in high-resolution CCD and zoom lens, can photographed the weak electrophoresis band that the naked eye is difficult to identify, using dedicated filter group effectively filter out the background interference noise, while the maximum control of ethidium bromide (EB) pollution and ultraviolet Leak, achieve briefly proceed the results of the electrophoresis screen to enlarge the display, save, mark or edit, organize the report, print, etc., to reduce the burden on the experimental staff.


1、Exquisite design, user-friendly operation, ABS plastic case, light weight, small size.

2、Drawer-style gel platform, left and right sides of the door design and hidden observation window, convenient to take and place the gel, observation, cutting. Built-in gel placement center indicator, easy to gel positioning placed  in the center position.

3、All open the window to open the door with overlapping dislocation seal structure design, enhance the darkroom of  the UV transmission effect and space airtight effect, the maximum to avoid UV damage to the human body.

4、Double intensity transmission UV wavelength: 312nm, reflection wavelength: 254,365nm, transmission ultraviolet area: 250mm×200mm.

5、Equipped with imported low-light high-resolution digital CCD, easy to capture the weak spectrum, real-time  browsing display, easy to operate. Six times the optical manual or automatic zoom lens, easy to observe the scaling of the gel.

6、Adopts multi-layer coating filter group, effectively filter out the background interference noise; through the  computer to achieve the control of zoom, focus, aperture, UV lamp and white light function; can also be achieved  the control of to control zoom, focus, aperture, UV Lights and white light through the panel.

7、With open the door automatically off the UV, power-off-delay, leakage protection functions, maximum protection of  the user from harm.

8、With ultrathin learpanel, using the international leading UV-screen UV white light conversion technology.

9、Configure dedicated gel imaging analysis software; with advanced swimlane automatic identification function, help to identify, move, adjust, and number of swimlanes and bands. Export various experimental reports to text or Excel  format files. DCalculation and comparison of nucleic acid, protein molecular weight, optical density, migration rate, PH value and percentage content. And has 1D and 2D analysis, DotBlot image processing analysis; Analysis function of colony and clone counting image. Used for DNA, RNA, protein and other electrophoresis gel image collection, observation and analysis and preservation.



Model  GIS-500
 Camera  Imported low illumination and high resolution digital CCD
 Zoom lens  F=1:1.2,2/3 inch imported 6 times zoom lens
 Effective Pixels  1280×1024
 Pixel density  10bit
 Pixel size  5.4×5.4μm
 Resolution  1.3 million pixels
 Sensitivity   Can detect the double chain DNA of EB staining below 20pg.
 Signal to noise ratio  ≥56db
 Filter  590nm
 UV light transmission area  168×210mm
 Visible light transmittance area  200×250mm
 Phosphorus screen white ligh 
 transmission area
 Transmission UV wavelength  312nm
 Reflectance UV wavelength  254、365nm
 Transmission UV lamp power  302nm(8W)
 Reflectance UV lamp power  254nm(11W)、365nm(11W)
 Input power  AC100/110V,50/60Hz
 Dimensions ( W×D×H )  470×405×820mm
 Net weight  25.0kgs