Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane Filter Rolls

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Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane Filter Rolls


Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane Filter Rolls are a versatile 100% high temperature resistant polyvinylidene  difluoride membrane. It is designed to provide strength, flexibility and chemical compatibility to meet the rigorous and demanding requirements of chemical filtration applications. Incorporated with no wetting agents, filtration membrane is also an ideal cost-effective alternative to polytetrafluoroethylene membrane to prevent moisture blockage in venting and gas filtration.

The Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane Filter Rolls do not require the use of wetting agents, transmitting negligible extractables and increasing sample purity during sterilization or clarification procedures. Because of their exceptionally low protein binding our PVDF filters are well-utilized in the preparation of proteinaceous solutions for chromatography and other instrumental analyses. Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane Filter Rolls Broad chemical compatibility allows PVDF filters to accommodate a wide range of applications especially those requiring high flow rates/throughput.

*Hydrophobic membrane
*Extremely low extractable/protein binding
*High flow rates and throughputs
*Ideal for the removal of HPLC contaminants most likely plug columns and damage analytical results

Features and Benefits

  • Broad chemical compatibility
  • High throughputs and high flow rates
  • Lowest protein binding
  • Good heat-resistance


Membrane Hydrophobic PVDF Membrane Filter Rolls 
Color White
Filter Surface Plain
Thickness, μm 90~100
Size Disc: Φ13, Φ25, Φ47, Φ90, Φ142, Φ293,
Roll: width 270mm, length customized
Pore Size, μm 0.1, 0.22, 0.45
Maximum Operating Pressure Forward: 4.2 bar @ 23 ℃; 1.5 bar @ 85 ℃
pH 3.5~8
Flow Rate
0.22 μm ≥ 3 mL/min/cm2 at 1 bar
0.45 μm ≥ 7 mL/min/cm2 at 1 bar
Integrity Test-water bubble point at 23 ℃
0.22 μm ≥ 3100 mbar
0.45 μm ≥ 1500 mbar
Bacterial Retention(for 0.1 μm & 0.22 μm only)
Passed the bacterial challenge testing using Brevundimonas diminuta(ATCC19146)(0.22 μm) / Serratia marcescens (ATCC14041)(0.45 μm) at a minimum challenge concentration of 1 x 107 CFU/cm2.
Non-Fiber Releasing
Meets the criteria for a “non-fiber releasing” filter as defined in 21 CFR 210.3 (b) (6).
By autoclave at (121℃at 1 bar), Gamma, Beta, or EO
Bacterial Endotoxins
< 0.5 EU/ml as determined by the LAL test
Good Manufacturing Practices
Manufactured by Global Scientific