Infant Incubator

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Power Supply


Maximum heater output power


Auxiliary power output


Heater instructions


Temperature control mode

Box temperature mode; infant mode

Box temperature control temperature range

25~37℃;37~39℃(Leapfrogging Mode)

Skin temperature control temperature range

34~37℃37~38℃(Leapfrogging Mode)

Sensor temperature display range


Warm-up time(ambient temperature is generally + 22 ℃)*


No more than 40 minutes


Temperature variability*

No more than 0.5℃

Temperature uniformity * (the mattress is in a horizontal position)

No more than 0.8℃

Temperature uniformity * (the mattress is in an inclined position)

No more than 1.0℃

The difference between average incubator temperature and control temperature

No more than 1.0℃

Skin temperature sensor accuracy




The running time of the water tank is filled with distilled water after

Humidity below 70%RH, at least 24 hours

Tank capacity


Humidity display range


Humidity control range

0%~90%(Adjust 1% each time)

Humidity control precision


Humidity display accuracy

(ambient temperature 25℃, ambient humidity 45%RH + 5% RH)


Note: in the context of a fairly high ambient humidity, it may not be possible to achieve a 

relatively low humidity control




Oxygen concentration display range


Oxygen concentration display resolution


Oxygen concentration display accuracy

±2% O?(The oxygen concentration set value of less than25%)

±3% O?(The oxygen concentration set value of more than 25%)

Oxygen concentration control accuracy

±4%O?Concentration within the volume

Oxygen concentration setting range

20%~60%(Adjust 1% each time)

Oxygen sensor service life

Use up to 10,000 hours at 100% oxygen concentration



The scope of work


Transportation and storage


(suggested that the user should not be used in an environment outside the specified range)

Relative humidity

Relative humidity operating range


Transportation and storage

No more than 93%RH

Note :( not recommended to be used outside the specified range of environments)

Atmospheric pressure

Transport and storage atmospheric pressure range


Working atmospheric pressure range


Applicable Environment Altitude


Overvoltage category

Pollution Level



Air flow rate

Ambient air flow rate

Less than 0.3m/s

Other indicators

Ambient noise in constant temperature enclosure

The stable temperature is not more than 45dB (A)

In other states is not more than 50dB (A)

Ambient noise is not more than 35dB (A)

Ambient carbon dioxide concentration in constant temperature enclosure

Carbon dioxide gas mixture is injected at the 

speed of 750ml/minute right above the mattress about 10cm, the density should be under 0.5%.

Air velocity above the crib mattress

No more than0.35m/s

General alarm


Power off alarm, fan alarm, sensor alarm, deviation alarm, over temperature alarm, 

sensor box placement error alarm, water tank placement error alarm, water shortage alarm


System alarm

ROM alarm, internal alarm system,SRAM alarm, EEPROM alarm, real-time alarm, 

communication alarm, ADC alarm, keyboard alarm, battery alarm, LCD display alarm, 

temperature heating system alarm, humidity heating system alarm

Note: please refer to the contents of the relevant terms and markers.      

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