MT-13K-L Mini Handheld Homogenizer

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The mini homogenizer MT-13K-L is hand-held designed. It is smart and light, easy to operate. With DC motor to drive the grinding pestle, configure 1.5ml centrifugal tube, efficiently grind trace tissue. The grinding pestle is light and reusable, convenient to be dismantled.


1、Light and easy to operate, broad scope of application.

2、Use micro DC motor for grinding trace tissue, efficient and effective.

3、Grinding pestle is light and reusable, suitable for various sterile ways, convenient to be dismantled.


Model   MT-13K-L
  Speed Range   13000rpm
  Working Noise   50dB
  Battery Non-loaded Working Time   2 hours
  Battery Charging time   ≥ 2 hours 
  Battery   AA battery x 2
  Voltage   /
  Dimension(WxDxH)   38x32x200mm
  Net Weight   0.18kgs


1. Suitable for grinding various plant tissue sample such as root, stem, leaf, flower, fruit, seed, etc.

2. Suitable for grinding various animal tissue sample such as cerebrum, heart, lung, stomach, liver,thymus, kidney, intestine, lymphonodus, muscle, skeleton, etc.

3. Suitable for homogenate.