Necessary Test Tools for Biosafety Cabinet

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1.Airflow Tester

Power supply: 220 AC  50/60HZ ; 110V, 60Hz
Input power: 30w  Fuse: T2A L (¢5×20)
Work style: Intermittent working≤15 min
Maximum atomization velocity: 1.5 ml/min
Maximum volume: 35ml
Working environment:
Environment temperature: 10-40℃
Relative humidity:  ≤70% RH
Air pressure range: 860-1060 kpa
Storage environment:
Environment temperature: 10-40℃
Relative humility: ≤95% RH
Air Pressure range: 500-1060 kpa

Airflow Tester


2. Dust Particle Counter

Particle size channel:  0.3, 0.5, 1. 0, 3.0, 5.0, 10.0(um)

Sampling period: 1-10 minutes

Number of sampling point: 2-9

Sampling frequency: 2-9

Sampling uantity: 2.83 S/m

Dust Particle Counter


3. Digital Sound Level Meter

MeasurementRange: 30--130dB
Accuracy: +- 2dB 

Sample rate : 4 times/s , 1 times/s

Digital Sound Level Meter


4.Air Flow Anemometer

Accurate air velocity measurement

Easy to read display

Digital Illumination Meter

Air Flow Anemometer


5. Illumination Meter 

Light Intensity




Illumination Meter