Nylon Membrane Filter Rolls

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Nylon Membrane Filter Rolls

Global Scientific's Nylon Membrane Filter Rolls have various pore sizes ranges from 0.1μm to 5.0μm, the width is 280mm. Nylon membrane filters are specifically designed to wet-out evenly and retain membrane integrity without cracking, tearing, curling or breaking. Produced through a proprietary manufacturing process that impregnates a polyester support web with nylon, these filters exhibit consistent chemical/physical properties, flow rates, and overall product uniformity due to rigorous quality standards applied in every step. Because of their superior strength, our nylon membranes can withstand aggressive handling and use with automated equipment. In addition to their compatibility with most aqueous and alcoholic solvents and solutions, our nylon membrane filters are also widely used for vacuum degassing. Nylon’s natural hydrophilic tendency and material properties eliminate the need for wetting agents that interfere with biological processes and provide a large surface area for the effective immobilization of antigens, antibodies, DNA, RNA, and many other proteins.

Features and Benefits

  • Naturally hydrophilic
  • With imported non-textile supporting bolster, good resilience, torn-up tolerance and durability.
  • Wide chemical compatibility range: applies to water solvent and most organic solvent, especially to filtration of alkalinity and alcohol solvents
  • Good mechanical strength, and temperature tolerance, better endure low temperature than Nylon 6 membrane
  • Pure: negligible organic extractables
  • High strength and heat resistance
  • Inherently hydrophilic membranes made by impregnating a polyester web with nylon
  • Compatible with many aqueous and alcoholic solvents and solutions
  • Pure, negligible organic extractables
  • Binds proteins , DNA and RNA
  • Use for HPLC sample preparation, to sterilize biological solutions or buffers, or for vacuum degassing


  • Purification and filtration of liquid and removal of particles
  • Filtration of various solvent and medication solvent
  • Filtration of corrosion-resistance amentia
  • Ultimate filtration of ink

Specifications of Nylon Membrane Filter Rolls

Membrane Nylon Membrane Filter Rolls
Color White
Filter Surface Plain
Thickness, μm 100-120
Pore Size, μm 0.1, 0.22, 0.45, 1.0, 3.0, 5.0
Maximum Operating Pressure 75℃
pH 6~13
Flow Rate(25℃ Δp = 0.07 Mpa  (mL/min/cm2)
0.22 μm 2.5
0.45 μm 8
Bubble Point
0.22 μm 0.28Mpa 
0.45 μm 0.18Mpa