Sterilisation indicator strips

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Sterilisation indicator strips -Steam Sterilization Monitor Strips

These sterilisation indicator strips monitor all critical sterilization parameters: steam, time, and temperature. In sterilization cycles, Global Scientific sterilisation test strips guard against incomplete steam penetration, presence of non-condensing gases or excessive air, as well as from inadequate temperature or insufficient time exposure.

  • Secure sterile presentation is made possible by placing the left end of the strip in the portion of the package judged to be the most difficult for the sterilant to reach
  • Right end of the strip may be left protruding from the contents
  • Procedure facilitates removal and inspection of the entire strip before pack is disassembled
  • Arrow changes to black when strip is exposed to pressurized steam for period of time required for sterilization

Changing appearances in color or pattern, the sterilization indicators visually show if cleaning conditions are passing or procedures have been completed. Eliminating any confusion or possibility instruments will not be sterile, indicators are used routinely in clinical and research environments where contamination elimination is crucial. With the temperature resistance required to endure the purification, the sterilization indicators are available in different forms such as tapes, ampoules, and sticks.

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